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About eLux, Inc.

eLux, Inc. was founded on October 13, 2016 as a spin-out from Sharp Laboratories of America. eLux's objective is to develop direct emission displays based on microLED technology targeting large format displays for video wall and television applications. Core personnel of eLux, including Jong-Jan Lee (President and CEO) and Paul Schuele (CTO), had extensive experience in display development working at Sharp Labs. The principal investors in the company are FoxConn through the subsidiary CyberNet Venture Capital Corp. and Sharp Corporation.

The work done at company headquarters in Vancouver WA consists of development of fundamental microLED assembly technology, synthesis of quantum dot based color conversion layers and characterization of display performance and reliability. Direct emission display development involves extensive collaboration with microLED suppliers and manufacturers of display backplanes, so significant effort is involved in prototype fabrication, which takes place at Advanced Optoelectronic Technology in Taiwan. Several eLux employees and contractors are based in Taiwan

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